Pretty much all I want to do is read, write, and edit.

Otherwise, I love the smell of rain and the sound of a decent storm.

I hate traffic.

Love quiet.

Hate crowds.

Love tattoos.

Hate that I am inherently impatient.

Love color, art, design.

Hate needing eight to nine hours of sleep a night.

Love language and words and wish I were an accomplished linguist.

Hate dressing up, unless jeans are included.

Love to travel and explore.

Hate moths.

Love dragonflies. And being at the lake during dragonfly hatching season. I love that they love the sun, even though I prefer the shade, and did you know they eat mosquitoes?

Hate clutter, literally and figuratively.

Love falling into a book.

Hate baking. Like, you just can’t understand the rage it brings me.

Love coffee.

Hate crafting (see: baking).

Love writing about people and relationships.

Love writing about people.

Love writing.


And try my best not to hate.

1 Comment

  1. OMG are you me and I’m you? You’re like my personality DOPPLEGANGER. lol

    (Except for the dressing up part, because I love that. But, in truth, it almost always includes jeans. Oh, and the clutter. I mean , I hate it, but I just have SO much of it. lol)

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