Pretty much all I want to do is read, write, and edit.

Otherwise, I love the smell of rain and the sound of a decent storm.

I hate traffic.

Love quiet.

Hate crowds.

Love tattoos.

Hate that I am inherently impatient.

Love color, art, design.

Hate needing eight to nine hours of sleep a night.

Love language and words and wish I were an accomplished linguist.

Hate dressing up, unless jeans are included.

Love to travel and explore.

Hate moths.

Love dragonflies. And being at the lake during dragonfly hatching season. I love that they love the sun, even though I prefer the shade, and did you know they eat mosquitoes?

Hate clutter, literally and figuratively.

Love falling into a book.

Hate baking. Like, you just can’t understand the rage it brings me.

Love editing.

Hate crafting (see: baking).

Love writing about people and relationships.

Love writing about people.

Love writing.


And try my best not to hate.


One thought on “About

  1. OMG are you me and I’m you? You’re like my personality DOPPLEGANGER. lol

    (Except for the dressing up part, because I love that. But, in truth, it almost always includes jeans. Oh, and the clutter. I mean , I hate it, but I just have SO much of it. lol)

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