I’ve been writing fiction since junior high, minus a handful of years when I was doing the normal college and life thing. I’ve played around with middle grade and women’s fiction before settling in my sweet spot of young adult.

I’m a member of SCBWI and have soaked up as many conferences and freelance editors as I’ve been able, as well as interning for a year with Entangled, in order to further my writing without an official degree. Reading so many submissions taught me a lot about story and structure and plot, and I co-organized the WI-SCBWI’s first agent day webinar, which drew attendees from 21 states and 4 countries. I continued on to serve our state as the Webinar Coordinator for a few years until someone else was interested in the position.

My favorite books are generally YA contemporary and fantasy, but I can – and will – get sucked into any great story, big or small.

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